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1. Personal introdaction
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*Personal introdaction increase users activity in 75%

2. Special offer

Offer the community a discount. We'll display your offer on your app page and feature your app on Spotted homepage under Special offers. Add a link to the discount page or email address for contact and inquiries.

% disscount


$ disscount


free trial disscount


*Special offer increase users activity in 95%

3. App information
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4. Short description

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5. App icon

Don’t include text in the icon

App icon

Must be a .jpg or .png

6. Add video

7. Add images

Add images

.jpg or .png

8. App categories

9. Search terms (optional)

Make it easier for merchants to search for your app by including comma-separated tags that fit your app description. (Maximum 5)
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10. Key benefits (optional)

Higlight three benefits of your app to peersuade merchants that it is a must-have tool. How does it help the merchant save time or money?
Be sure to describe benefits and not features
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11. Detailed description

Make sure your app description provides all the information merchants need to decide whether to install it. The best descriptions are those that are easy to understand.
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