DISCOS – Smart BOGO Buy X Get Y is a Shopify app that specialises in creating promotional discount popups, and helps Shopify store owners to convert sales more effectively.


Create BOGO with BXGY or BXGX

Attract your customers with BOGO type. Set it up freely with identical product upsell (Buy X Get X), or cross product upsell (Buy X Get Y).


Dynamic Buy X Get Y Levels

Cart upsell in quantity & value. Offer your customers multi levels of "Buy X Get Y" promotion in 1 BOGO campaign + all discount types.


Cart Upsell with Auto Popup

Cart upsell by auto updating promotion popup in customer's cart whenever promotional condition (of BOGO Buy X Get Y, or BXGX) is matched.

# If you’re looking for a powerful tool to set up your promotion campaigns (Buy One Get One - BOGO, Buy X Get Y, Discounts, In Cart Upsell,...) then DISCOS is the right app for you! # DISCOS provides you one-of-a-kind BOGO Upsell Campaign with powerful features, including: * Upsell identical products with Buy X Get X - e.g. Buy 1 T-shirt, Get the next one for Free * Or Cross-sell different products with Buy X Get Y - e.g. Buy 1 T-shirt, Get 1 hat for Free * Add badges to products that will trigger a promotional campaign * Add a promotion table on the product page to inform your customers clearly about the level of offers * Various configuration options for discount types: discount with percentage, amount of money or give the product a new promo price * Fully customize the campaign’s appearance on the storefront, including style design for badge, popup, buttons and text customization/translation # Attract customers with promotions for identical product items - Buy X Get X kind-of BOGO This campaign type will allow you to create an offer for the next item of the same product that your customer has added to the cart. For example, Buy 1 T-shirt, Get 1 for Free (Or Get the next one for Free). => Increase your customer's cart quantity and quickly clear out inventory. # Boost your sales by creating multiple levels of Buy X Get Y discount (BOGO, B2G1, B3G2,...): This campaign type will allow you to set conditions for specific products to trigger offers for other products that you want to upsell, and cross-sell with those specific conditioned products. For example, Buy 1 T-shirt, Get 1 Hat with 50% off. You can create multiple levels of “Buy X Get Y” and various levels of discount offers based on product quantity to upsell your products. => Cross selling different products and offering your customers as much level of discount as you wish. # Cart upsell with auto-update promotion popup in cart With every campaign's quantity condition (BOGO Buy X Get Y, or Buy X Get X) matched on the cart page, the promotion popup will be automatically updated for cart upsell. Your customers won't miss a single promotion with this unique feature of DISCOS. # Easily config DISCOS with a user-friendly interface: * Create a campaign quickly with our intuitive campaign editor * Real-time preview is available in setup # Fully responsive DISCOS is fully responsive and can run well on all kinds of devices. # Personal dedicated support services We wish to support our users to achieve higher goals during your e-commerce journey. That is why you can always contact us to receive support whenever you need it. # Promote faster, Get much more sales with DISCOS today – Add App Now!

See the app in action

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