Appstle Theme Backup

Appstle Theme Backup - shopify app


Automate, fix, and restore theme backups
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Automate theme backups

We offer daily backup of merchant themes. Your published themes are automatically saved every hour so you can restore older versions anytime


Track theme changes

Stay up-to-date by tracking changes on your theme via history timeline.


24*7 free support

Experience world-class free support through experts. Reach us at any point in time, and we will resolve your questions.


Through Appstle Theme Backup, you can save backups of your theme every day and restore them at any moment.

  • Automatic theme backups every day.
  • All kinds of theme changes are saved automatically.
  • Undo theme problems any moment.
  • Track differences in particular versions.

Why do you need a Backup of your theme?

There are thousands of apps in the Shopify Ecosystem, and they leave a trail of stale code in your theme. Some of these stale codes can slow down your website or even break your site.

With Appstle Theme Backup, you can simply restore the Backed-up version of your functional site and continue without any hassle.

You have invested time and money developing your theme. You know this is important because the theme is your online store's brand and identity. This is what makes your store look different than others on the internet.

Why does it matter?

Backing up your store's Shopify theme isn't exciting, but it's important. Unfortunately, we only realize how crucial it is when something goes wrong. You must have heard one of these stories – bad developers, buggy apps, employees making careless but catastrophic irreversible damage to the theme.

What does it do?

Appstle Theme Backup helps you to protect this critically important asset of your online business.

What makes it unique?

The App automatically backs up all of your Shopify theme files every day; so that you can restore them later or see how they looked in the past. We are fully automated and it saves you time. It can be a lifesaver when you need one of your Shopify themes backed up. Our Appstle Theme backup gives your store an extra level of insurance.

Get on board with us and protect your theme today!

How to Set Up Appstle Theme Backup?

Install our App, and that's it. Our App will automatically save a backup of your theme every day.

How many backups do we keep?

We keep the most recent 100 daily theme backups.

See the app in action

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